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This morning I awoke with a dilibitating headache ~ and that was followed my a huge argument with my eldest about how he could have brought his ds to camp if he had of not broken the rules earlier this week…gah kids!
I made it out an about – found some fun fabrics & had a tea with a good friend.

Finally took some meds for my headache and crashed Chris’s final day of work luncheon by attending it lol
We went on an outing to ikea an bought a much needed lamp as well as a much needed dresser (I’m so tired of Chris’s clothes living in a Rubbermaid!
Now it’s far too late to do anything – I can’t stop yawning and my eyes are so watered out I’m sure there is eye makeup on my chin…

I got fabric in the mail today! I was so excited to come home an get it! I ha big plans for tonight. But then I got tired – and while I made the half blocks for a pinwheel:
That’s all I did. Well I did have cheese and crackers and watched an episode of Bones (which pretty well killed my appetite).
Today was my last day of work – I completed 3 co-ops with the school board. I guess now it’s the final semester of studies, commencing Wednesday.
…wish we were putting together a working drawing package for the construction of The Greatest Quilt Ever!

!A girl can dream!

Even though it is 8 million degrees I got some blocks done tonight! After all the cutting it’s a completely different pace sewing. And I only had to get Chris to sort out my machine twice!

I’m liking the scrappy theme I’m going for and originally had intended on using a solid sashing – I’m now wondering if I want to just mash it all together…

I suppose when I have a whole bunch made I’ll lay it all out and see what it looks like.

When I started laying out the patches Area Stark decided to sit smack dab on them! I guess that’s why the internet is riddled with photos of cats and

Anyways my eyes are burning so it’s not my choice to crash but necessity.


I can begin to sew blocks now- I started sewing little 1″ scrap pieces on Saturday morning to make a 9 patch out of smaller 9 patches – made 2 of those. I think they look good!
It will look even better when it’s done.

I have chosen some colours for pinwheels too…but am going to need many more of those!

I have almost 150 small blocks for the 9 patches and 35 5″ blocks for the 4 patches and a little more cutting to do before I run out of fabric.

But right now I have to wake up a sleeping Chris so I can put sheets on the bed. Dang why is it always so very late grrrr I want to keep going. Alas I need to sleep- and I guarantee the dog needs out for his evening constitutional.

Why does cutting take so long? I’m soooo tired and as much as I want to drive the sewing machine – better not!


So just before I quit for the night my rotary cutter fell apart, one of the pieces landed in my so-much-vodka-cannot-taste-the-mix…


Another reason to lie down 🙂
I’m glad it’s the weekend!


My package of scraps arrived today! I am very impressed with the fabrics and colours (also I have so little experience that I would be impressed by anything lol).
I neglected the 2 billion chores I have (after making dinner, doing the dishes, playing a board game with the children, throwing in a load of laundry, and taking the dog out) and cut fabrics!!!!!!
I have a plan now- and hopefully will get to some sewing later this week. For now cutting and watching Dr. Who is a good start (I have to catch up on last season because new season starts on Saturday).
Anyways I am happy now. Truthfully I don’t want to sleep or do life tomorrow – I just want to cut and sew…LOL AS IF! No no no we will get up, make lunches, take the dog out, have a shower, make breakfast, get kids ready and off to camp/daycare -> then get Chris to work the next city over so I can continue to the one a little further down the road. Yay sit at a desk and fantasize about sewing. Work would be so much better if I had stuff to do.




Joyfully came home today. Unfortunately I brought a bit of a virus with me. With my throat burning like crazy and feeling stupid weak I sent Chris to the fabric store for me! Get something interesting lol so the first 2 fabrics are very cool:



But I’m not so sure about the bandaid fabric… I’m sure you’ll see it later. I found the pattern I used on

It turned out awesome (except where I stitched close the turning hole – I’ll need to practice how to do that cause what I tried was a fail.



I’m thinking you won’t notice it unless you look for it lol

So when I measured my first block it turns out that my seam allowance was wide 😳 and the block is smaller than I had anticipated.
My boyfriend decided he could do it better than me and sewed a 9 patch up too. His is also a little small but a bit better than mine.
I planned all day Thursday – because I knew that on Saturday it would be just me and the kids and I worked out with them that Friday would be their day for crafting with me but saturday was MINE!
Well then a number of things happened. Firstly Chris decided that we were going to Canada’s Wonderland for his birthday on Friday, second we had our landlord tell us the sewer was plogged between the house and the road and no flushing was allowed. We left right after dinner to take the kids to Chris’s parents instead of in the morning.
So no crafting Friday. Just the amusement park for us ok folks- and yes it was the last time I ever go to one for me! Gah! The bumping and shaking an clunking an banging!! Ooohhhh the nausea!!!
Well as it turns out I didn’t get home today either (it just worked out better to stay) an therefor no quilting for me! But I took the kids to the dollar store and me made animals (kinda). Maybe one day next week I’ll take a day off work so that for once I can have some me time- cause it always feels like it’s about everyone else.


So after a week or two of re-learning how to use my sewing machine tonight I finally felt ready to make my first quilt square.
After watching countless tutorials that make everything look extremely easy I was not surprised to make a few mistakes! This doesn’t bother me I’m totally thrilled to be on my way FINALLY!

So here is my first 9 patch, assembled from a disassembled dress that I suppose represents a friendship just as disassembled as it (not sure how I feel about that) 😔😜😳😉

I do know that suddenly out of nowhere a strong and undeniable urge to quilt has overcome me. I think rationally that I probably don’t want to go back to school for one more gruelling semester before graduation…
YAY 9-PATCH! \o/