So when I measured my first block it turns out that my seam allowance was wide 😳 and the block is smaller than I had anticipated.
My boyfriend decided he could do it better than me and sewed a 9 patch up too. His is also a little small but a bit better than mine.
I planned all day Thursday – because I knew that on Saturday it would be just me and the kids and I worked out with them that Friday would be their day for crafting with me but saturday was MINE!
Well then a number of things happened. Firstly Chris decided that we were going to Canada’s Wonderland for his birthday on Friday, second we had our landlord tell us the sewer was plogged between the house and the road and no flushing was allowed. We left right after dinner to take the kids to Chris’s parents instead of in the morning.
So no crafting Friday. Just the amusement park for us ok folks- and yes it was the last time I ever go to one for me! Gah! The bumping and shaking an clunking an banging!! Ooohhhh the nausea!!!
Well as it turns out I didn’t get home today either (it just worked out better to stay) an therefor no quilting for me! But I took the kids to the dollar store and me made animals (kinda). Maybe one day next week I’ll take a day off work so that for once I can have some me time- cause it always feels like it’s about everyone else.