My package of scraps arrived today! I am very impressed with the fabrics and colours (also I have so little experience that I would be impressed by anything lol).
I neglected the 2 billion chores I have (after making dinner, doing the dishes, playing a board game with the children, throwing in a load of laundry, and taking the dog out) and cut fabrics!!!!!!
I have a plan now- and hopefully will get to some sewing later this week. For now cutting and watching Dr. Who is a good start (I have to catch up on last season because new season starts on Saturday).
Anyways I am happy now. Truthfully I don’t want to sleep or do life tomorrow – I just want to cut and sew…LOL AS IF! No no no we will get up, make lunches, take the dog out, have a shower, make breakfast, get kids ready and off to camp/daycare -> then get Chris to work the next city over so I can continue to the one a little further down the road. Yay sit at a desk and fantasize about sewing. Work would be so much better if I had stuff to do.