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So went home and cut some more random scraps and sewed them up:



I am not happy with my lines not adding up -& when I sewed them to the two I already made I found that the new ones were much bigger…

I stopped before finishing because I thought I ran out of little squares- turns out the cat threw them on the floor…
I feel like I would be happier if I started over and made everything even Stephen lol

I laid out all my pieces last Friday thinking I’d figure out the order then sew them all together. We had to go away for the weekend to dog sit and then visit and when I got back I first had to study for a midterm – so I left my block stack on the bed and opened up my books. Well in waltzes the dog, hops up in the bed and decided he is going to nest! Gah! He unpiled my sorted blocks and now they are a jumble again. I’ve been feeling like a cold is trying to get me all week. Have the sore throat and lethargy too.
Last night I cut some scraps 1.5×1.5 for the postage stamp quilt I will make out of leftover bits. That and I practiced my hand drawing for the millwork exam today. I hate tests. Tomorrow I find out how I did on the structural design midterm. Apparently the class average is 56% so that’s not encouraging. Too bad it wasn’t a structure of a quilt exam 🙂 hopefully will get some time with my sewing machine soon. I indulge everyone else’s whims therefore I should also indulge my own.


So the last 2 movies I’ve watched have sucked. Red 2 was awful & so was insidious. No big deal then that I was trimming my blocks to perfection!
I have 1 dismantled block that I cannot save – so I am just going to make a new 1 ~ and then I can’t wait to start to put this thing together!



It seems like every single thing I try to do us interrupted (*for like the last month!)-and it’s very hard to shoulder on. It’s not that I am giving up, I think I’m just learning that there is no path A -B that isn’t booby trapped.
Yesterday I indulged in a nice long walk 😀 because there was no concentration and a huge headache.

That was followed by the minor explosion of 4 litres of concentrated laundry soap all over the floor (which necessitated the dismantling of stackable washer dryer and unhooking of everything so the cleanup could be achieved. Sigh. And then the hospital…but as I completely freaked out about that particular trip multiple times already today and shed a few tears I think I’ll just say nay.



Chris bought me a 9.5×9.5 square! So I am fixing blocks cause they are not particularly perfect.

Too tired now to go on.
Have done 0 homework since Thursday. Frick.

So I find myself completely unable to stop thinking about how much I would rather be quilting/sewing rather than paying attention during class 😳


No time to sew, only time to think about it. I very much would rather sew than study for this midterm…sigh…sewing must wait because structural design is kind of super IMPORTANT. (Why can’t it be “structural quilt design”?