It seems like every single thing I try to do us interrupted (*for like the last month!)-and it’s very hard to shoulder on. It’s not that I am giving up, I think I’m just learning that there is no path A -B that isn’t booby trapped.
Yesterday I indulged in a nice long walk 😀 because there was no concentration and a huge headache.

That was followed by the minor explosion of 4 litres of concentrated laundry soap all over the floor (which necessitated the dismantling of stackable washer dryer and unhooking of everything so the cleanup could be achieved. Sigh. And then the hospital…but as I completely freaked out about that particular trip multiple times already today and shed a few tears I think I’ll just say nay.



Chris bought me a 9.5×9.5 square! So I am fixing blocks cause they are not particularly perfect.

Too tired now to go on.
Have done 0 homework since Thursday. Frick.