So- as much as I want to work on the quilt top- I chose having tea with a very good friend & doing the dishes (oh my soooo many dishes!)
Handed in assignments today for life safety (sprinklers and fire alarm drawings) and yes I cried a little (a lot yesterday). Nothing is as perfect as I want it – the software isn’t user friendly – the teacher is an idiot because the assignments have idiotic aspects to them -grrrr- but whatever. What’s done is done and only onward and upward from here!
So I took some me time (even though I shouldn’t) an watched Ghost Adventures (while setting up the Business Plan assignment) and I have an interview tomorrow and no idea what to wear. I also don’t remember where I put my portfolio (shoot had it been almost a year already?) and I didn’t get a hair cut…

So I sewed some little squares together to finish my scrap block (and keep the scraps down).
None of t was very straight – AWESOME – cause it’s character!!

All that mattered is it had fabric enough under the square!

Little wonky panda!

Funny enough unicorn stayed pretty square lol

Here it is all squared up! Looks good I think. (My half hour to finish this block worked into an hour but that included my 9 year old needing a goodnight tuck in and the bobbin running out.)
My plan is to use up all small scraps as quick as possible into the scrappy postage stamp squares. I suppose in a year you can ask me how it is going 😛