it seems that the harder I try this semester the more stuff happens to stop me. So I actually had my dad offer to take the kids on Sunday- and guess what – Hazel ended up with the
most painful case of pink eye EVER. Oh and Saturday was a write off cause the boy needs shoes (and what a fiasco that turns into lol) and me mate needs a gal for her bridal dinner & show. Monday was trips to the doctors office the next town over and
Multiple trips to the kids school.
I’ve come to the conclusion that as long as I want to do homework my life goes nuts. This morning Chris realized the muffler strap fell off the car. \o/ yay!!!
So I assembled my blocks:

56 blocks for my first ever quilt

My poor girl was feeling much better today and was really excited to help arrange the blocks!


Even Area Stark & Pumpkin Pi came to help!!!! Meow!


And the finished quilt top!
I can at least sleep feeling like I accomplished something – maybe not all that insane homework oh wells…