So quilt is still in hold – I guess the next step is to cut the backing. I can do that as soon as this semester is officially over. Other students be like – I’m gonna go get sooo drunk- and In my head I laugh and think I’m gonna get my quilt on!
The job searching is going well – I’ve made it through to a couple interviews and had a couple call backs – I just have to trust that in order to end up with the right job I may have to wait a little. The problem is with 3 kids you stress mega if you are running short on funds. (Hence why batting for my quilt isn’t a thing yet, priority sequence of groceries and winter boots and good gravy it’s almost Christmas)
So that’s me – still too much homework – still working with idiots – still haven’t done the dishes – but put away a ton of laundry and sent a ton of emails and managed to call the cost analysis finished (it’s about $100/sq.ft. Too low in my opinion but you can’t get blood from a stone and this group of tards is rubble.
I dream fabric.
I desire sleep.
Catch y’all on the flip side!!