So sometime after the day – the library – the bank – walk the dog – do 1000 dishes – make dinner – do 1000 more dishes!! I decided tonight I would spray baste my quilt pieces together and start quilting!
I put the walking foot on the machine (no problemo!) (!awesome-sauce!) loaded up the chosen thread:

A nice variegated purple – only I’m wondering if it is too dark? Meh for a first go it’s perfecto!

I did a whole bunch of vertical lines – tomorrow I will do the horizontal ones.

Chris says I should stop there but maybe yes maybe no – I may want to add more quilting that that – I have not made up my mind yet.



There were no major discombobulations so I’d say tonight was a complete success!!
It is now something like 1:30am – I ran the dog out to pee and the crazies are out so we ran back in (I absolutely detest this neighbourhood! Moving by the summer or die trying)
I think I have outlasted Chris in the awake department (again lol) so I should probably brush my teeth and climb into bed – key word “should.”