Well it took a little over 5 months and that included 4 months of 6th semester (from hell lol). I decided to attach the binding with my machine- my wrists are too sore for that much hand stitching at the moment. I way over calculated how much binding I needed lol I only used about half the roll ( maybe I flipped the measure tape to cm who knows?!).

I posted the other day about making those tea squares into hot pads then received a text from my good friend (who doesn’t read the blog unless I tell her too and send the link again!

Next project will be to make hot pads and oven mitts for me (work out any bugs) than make them for her!!!
I’m very excited!
Also there are 2 baby’s coming – a new nephew!!!! And my Chris’s niece!!!!
I will probably try harder to keep lines straight or just free motion them- this quilt for my couch was about learning so I wasn’t concerned with mistakes – in fact I am embracing them!!!!