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I have been trying to find the time to make practice blocks for my dido’s quilt. Easier said than done when it all boils down. Now that we are all working and in school and generally busy 99.9% of the time there really is a very limited amount of time at the end of the night to spend crafting.
So finally last night, Saturday night, I sat down and I made the practice blocks and they were horrible. Perhaps horrible is too strong of a word but I had a lot of difficulty making seems lineup. So I’d rip them all out and resew with them quarter-inch this way or eighth of an inch that way but in the end I still wasn’t satisfied with the results. Therefore I gave up on making diamond blocks. I decided to stick with the 9 1/2″ square (allows me to square up the individual blocks as I go).
*of course Chris starts talking to me right now – piss off cause it’s not like I hardly ever do this 😡 has all weekend to talk – talks when I’m trying to say something!
Anyways as I was saying – diamond blocks were not easy to line up- so I think as the old guy is rather blind and he won’t care – I will make rail fence blocks instead.
Here is my design (drawn in autoCAD)

We watched a favorite of mine this afternoon, Arthur & the invisibles, and I cut fabric instead of housework!

Somehow I went to Len’s Mills and only bought crap for Chris (more double pointed needles) somehow completely having control when I went to the fabric part of the store. The problem is there is a ton of stuff I want to do bit not much of it clearly defined haha!
Chris finished knitting me a hat:

I’m wearing it to bed 🙂

I get grumpy after 8. It is true. Tonight was no different. I am still grumpy as f***. My wrists hurt – nothing I can do about that. I’m trying to get used to the new schedule and work and people – I know that is affecting me- sucks all the life out leaving a dried bitch husk to go be with family. I’m gaining weight – sick of sitting on my ass – too bad that’s your job!
I said fudge it! Fudge dishes because I am going to sew the binding in the last 4 mug rugs. HA- hahaha- jokes in me. An hour of fighting with the machine and I got 1 done and it is terrible! It sucks real bad. In fact I hate it. I need a real people binding tutorial cause clearly in screwing it up- and what was supposed to be relaxing turned out as stressful and anxiety causing as everything else.
I just want to go back 4 hours and fell asleep with Helix…

As promised here are the fabrics I grabbed on Saturday. I was looking through the bin with gold/yellow and blue on the mind but all the blue in the bin was Christmas and I found other things so:

I have decided to do diamonds. I really wanted to make some practice ones today but I have somewhat run out of time. I am not so crazy as I once was and although I occasionally stay up stupid late doing things I love – I have since come to love sleep that much and often try to satisfy that particular desire! (If I don’t getting 3 kids ready and dropped off at before school program becomes a nightmare!)


Crazy day today- no details but a lot happened and I spent a whole buncha $$$ and had A great day!!!!

I will share the fabric I got to make my Dido (grandfather) a quilt tomorrow. The lights are already off and you get what you get and *yawn you don’t get upset…

I wanted to finish coasters tonight. Did not happen.

The problem with the first 1 is that there is too much binding on the back – so I figured I’d trim the next one back a half inch.

And that seemed to work great. Only the needle kept getting stuck (even fell out?! Oospy guess it wasn’t in good enough!!) so I ended up with a couple snags 😦 and I didn’t bind the other 4. I think in coasters I shouldn’t double the binding because it’s too thick!
Anyways good night I’m dead beat!

I feel weird getting paid to do the stuff I’ve basically been paying for (as a student). I half the time don’t have a clue what I am doing (learning on the job) and I am making so much more than ever before! Cool \o/ but it’s not really that much aha – but it’s definitely a start 😉
I got over my grumpy 8pm phase and managed an episode of parks and recreation while cutting out the backs and batting for mug rugs.

I received this text from my mom while cutting…


I decided to find the lens mill store in Cambridge (where I now have the pleasure of commuting to work everyday) on my lunch. It is much bigger than the one that I am used to!

I was close to paralyzed by indecision (happened at the Scottish bakery too) – who knew that having options can be so so so overwhelming?

I had to fly back to work so I picked a brown fabric with coffee words in it and as I ran for the door grabbed the colours of the words. This all made sense for mug rugs!

I sewed the tops – I’m exhausted and the alarm will go off in 6 hours so it’s shut down time -? Ability to further express words as sentences is deteriorating 😛


I didn’t notice the primary colours until I stitched them up.
Tomorrow I’ll cut the insides – assemble the guts!!
Hmmmmm… … Zzzz

I thought about quilting a lot today – and yesterday – and Sunday too but I didn’t feel very good on Sunday so I didn’t do very much.
Watched football with my 10 year old – he is very enthusiastic but has no idea what is going on…I may have a little more of an idea but my ideas have to do with broad shoulders and tight golden pants aha!
There is not enough time in a day! I would have sewed tonight but as soon as kids were in bed I climbed into my bed and let a video of arm knitting an infinity scarf distract me. She was right about it being fairly quick. Mine looks silly 🙂





I have survived the first week of work! The 5am mornings do take some getting used too, as do the frigid temperatures all week.

I think it was a fairly good week- although I felt like an idiot multiple times. I think there’s a point that was made – I am no longer in school with someone telling me every little thing- in the real world people tell you shit fuck all and expect you to know exactly what they are thinking. Awesome! 😉
Chris turned up today at noon and brought me a present!

That made my day!

I am looking forward to doing some tiny scrap sewing tomorrow- bright and early!!

Then I guess I should sort out pot holders. Next weekend most likely.
Tomorrow is my birthday and I am going shopping! New outfit here I come!!

Today is my first day at a new job, one I went to school for 3 years for. Nervous? A little! Excited? A lot!!!

Stupid dog woke me up at 3:49 because he needed to go outside and pee in the frigid arctic bullshit. Grrr. Consequently I never properly got back to sleep but ended up being cold and sweaty. 😦

Anyways I have to get my stuff together haha TO THE SHOWER!


Felt like being random today and not playing by the rules. I stitched up the little scraps from the binding snips and whipped up a mini quilt for my daughter- well for her stuffed enderman “Endy”.



Now I am inclined to play games with my grounded boys. Have to have a break from being grounded on the holidays eh?! (You would think you would follow the rules too – especially when they have been repeated 600x but apparently using the furniture as playground equipment is too much to ask for)