I decided to find the lens mill store in Cambridge (where I now have the pleasure of commuting to work everyday) on my lunch. It is much bigger than the one that I am used to!

I was close to paralyzed by indecision (happened at the Scottish bakery too) – who knew that having options can be so so so overwhelming?

I had to fly back to work so I picked a brown fabric with coffee words in it and as I ran for the door grabbed the colours of the words. This all made sense for mug rugs!

I sewed the tops – I’m exhausted and the alarm will go off in 6 hours so it’s shut down time -? Ability to further express words as sentences is deteriorating 😛


I didn’t notice the primary colours until I stitched them up.
Tomorrow I’ll cut the insides – assemble the guts!!
Hmmmmm… … Zzzz