Crazy day today- no details but a lot happened and I spent a whole buncha $$$ and had A great day!!!!

I will share the fabric I got to make my Dido (grandfather) a quilt tomorrow. The lights are already off and you get what you get and *yawn you don’t get upset…

I wanted to finish coasters tonight. Did not happen.

The problem with the first 1 is that there is too much binding on the back – so I figured I’d trim the next one back a half inch.

And that seemed to work great. Only the needle kept getting stuck (even fell out?! Oospy guess it wasn’t in good enough!!) so I ended up with a couple snags 😦 and I didn’t bind the other 4. I think in coasters I shouldn’t double the binding because it’s too thick!
Anyways good night I’m dead beat!