I get grumpy after 8. It is true. Tonight was no different. I am still grumpy as f***. My wrists hurt – nothing I can do about that. I’m trying to get used to the new schedule and work and people – I know that is affecting me- sucks all the life out leaving a dried bitch husk to go be with family. I’m gaining weight – sick of sitting on my ass – too bad that’s your job!
I said fudge it! Fudge dishes because I am going to sew the binding in the last 4 mug rugs. HA- hahaha- jokes in me. An hour of fighting with the machine and I got 1 done and it is terrible! It sucks real bad. In fact I hate it. I need a real people binding tutorial cause clearly in screwing it up- and what was supposed to be relaxing turned out as stressful and anxiety causing as everything else.
I just want to go back 4 hours and fell asleep with Helix…