I have been trying to find the time to make practice blocks for my dido’s quilt. Easier said than done when it all boils down. Now that we are all working and in school and generally busy 99.9% of the time there really is a very limited amount of time at the end of the night to spend crafting.
So finally last night, Saturday night, I sat down and I made the practice blocks and they were horrible. Perhaps horrible is too strong of a word but I had a lot of difficulty making seems lineup. So I’d rip them all out and resew with them quarter-inch this way or eighth of an inch that way but in the end I still wasn’t satisfied with the results. Therefore I gave up on making diamond blocks. I decided to stick with the 9 1/2″ square (allows me to square up the individual blocks as I go).
*of course Chris starts talking to me right now – piss off cause it’s not like I hardly ever do this 😡 has all weekend to talk – talks when I’m trying to say something!
Anyways as I was saying – diamond blocks were not easy to line up- so I think as the old guy is rather blind and he won’t care – I will make rail fence blocks instead.
Here is my design (drawn in autoCAD)

We watched a favorite of mine this afternoon, Arthur & the invisibles, and I cut fabric instead of housework!

Somehow I went to Len’s Mills and only bought crap for Chris (more double pointed needles) somehow completely having control when I went to the fabric part of the store. The problem is there is a ton of stuff I want to do bit not much of it clearly defined haha!
Chris finished knitting me a hat:

I’m wearing it to bed 🙂