I feel like I am still in transition – getting used to the knew schedule still and working. I worked hard as a student but it was very different from the kind of solitary struggle that’s happens in the office lol – I cursed group work and I’m cursing it now too lol.
We had a stupid amount of late nights this week – it feels like every night we were running some kind of behind!

Anyways you cannot tell I did lots of dishes this morning – why? Because we literally used them being a family of 6 and needing to eat lunch and dinner. ( I dream of the day I have a installed dishwasher and an apartment with actual consistent water pressure)

I have been working on cutting for like ever now – it’s few and far between the nights I don’t feel like road kill and just crawl into bed. Last night I fully managed to get half of Dido’s quilt blocks made – tonight I finished the set & laid them out.

I think I put too much gold beside itself. Keep in mind I designed it in CAD with randomly assigned colours lol – all in all though I really like it!!