What a whirlwind of a weekend! I accomplished many goals and also failed at accomplishing weekend chores.
I feel an overwhelming need to get Dido’s quilt done! (Here goes Chris talking again aha EVERYTIME I try to write!). I got supplies from Lens Mills yesterday (spray adhesive) and sandwiched it last night while watching season 7 of Bones –
Side note- this season is bugging me! It’s all babies! My best friend is having a baby in a couple months and Chris’s sister is having one on like a month! So I’m not having babies right now – I have three and Chris is not … Well … The most patient person- and sometimes I want to throw him out of an airplane aha aha aha.


Today I quilted it, stitch in the ditch! I also did tons of dishes & left tons of dishes- only 4 loads of laundry and walked the dog.




6 hours till alarm goodnight!!