I finished putting the binding on and in the homestretch spotted a horrible couple if things!

So there is one whole line of scribbly effed up quilting that my tension was obviously out on lunch for (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) and than a row over:

The threads broke! How!? Why?!

Here I was done! I was happy! It was close enough to perfect for me (even with it’s 1 bum corner) – I was gonna wash it – it’s for my grandfather who has recently been moved to a transitional nursing home – and he is old and grumpy and cold…so I made him this quilt. I know he is blind and will never see the flaws but it’s a gift god damn it and it shouldn’t have major flaws like the threads brokt! I could cry. I am honestly at a loss.

This week has been long and hard and I’ve felt like crap all day (my heads getting sharp shooting pains through it *wtf is that about huh!?) and I was looking forward to the weekend and it’s half gone – and the world is stealing an hour and sigh- I don’t know what to do 😔