I find Saturdays are gone before you can say “bobs your uncle”. It’s really annoying – and even though I wanted to finish the practise hot pads I am working on – that apparently wasn’t an option!! You see I really want to finish (& start haha) the hot pads for my friend this weekend- and as I was out eating sushi and buying fabric all day there was limited time before the kids came home to achieve the completion of the practise hot pad – mastering the binding with a loop for hanging. Here’s where it all went wrong – had a crazy headache and did the math wrong for binding – so prepped the binding an sewed the first row down and realized it didn’t bend over ahhhh of course. So had to pick out those stitches and figure out where my other inch went…
Here’s the front and back:



Last Thursday I went to the local quilt guild meeting – it was pretty cool! I will try to get out to a few more!!


The lady doing her showcase was so inspiring and also very intimidating! I don’t know if I will ever achieve that level of artistic – well certainly my style will not be like hers – but WOW holy gorgeous!!

Tried to find a free motion foot for my machine – the lady at the store told me to buy it online – the thing I don’t want to do! Well I guess there is no choice…

Anyways I’m pretty sure today’s crazy headache had a lot to do with me not being caffeinated – hope that’s it and I’m not super dehydrated or coming down with something!!

I bought so much random fabric today 🙂 enough to feel like I need to start 72 projects. Then I failed at binding so UFC and did you know it’s steak and bj day? Well then… I preferred pie day aha – so let’s leave it at that!! 😜