I’ve been avoiding coming on here and writing- I’m not quite sure why- but maybe the insanity of my life makes things difficult.

This is the finished practiced hot pad that caused me to freak out on Sunday. I tried real hard to get the binding right- really I did! I used scraps to make a practice binding – I used those to help get the right dimension. I sewed the first side down and turns out there was somehow not enough width on the binding so I had to rip it out and make new binding- I did math – I was careful – I used a practice scrap – the freakin thing came out too big again! So I just did a double roll and tuck – which was fine until the 3rd corner – at which point the thickness would not!! go through the machine under the walking foot. Therefore I could not roll the extra under – and actually tore the corner a bit trying to get it out from wedged tightly in the walking foot. Grrr *this is the point the kids started fighting and I got stupid cranky!


Also I kinda screwed up the handle – I think I want to have it fold back into itself because it looks dumb.


[frick and every single time I try to blog I get talke to!! Gah!! Writing is a thing you do quietly!! quietly!

Mr talk talk talky with my scarf and a silly smile.

My pin cushion that my aunt cross stitched for me πŸ™‚


I went shopping last weekend an didn’t find what I wanted (free motion foot) but I did find thread!

And fabric but I did not photograph it (*yet)
Last night I made my first couple hexies:
(Autocorrect insists hexies are heroes)

I know I said the teapot hotpad was practice but so is this next one with the home dec fabrics – I cut out ft my friends hotpads than noticed some weird white smears on them (after I washed it so no good for her but good for me! πŸ˜‰ )
So I did this nonsense – I feel like next time I draw the pattern first!



And these things are super yummy