It was cold again today – not stupid cold but cold nonetheless. Tomorrow it’s supposed to go above 0 – it’s also supposed to freezing rain aha aha aha.

Today was very frustrating at work – why? Because I like being told hey Lexi do this – like this – ta da! Not hey Alex make the pretty pictures – learn to use that software with no resources other than the Internet. Thank God for the Internet.

I prepped hexies – amid animals.

Pumpkin Pi set up shop on the scraps too big/too small for use

Area Stark climbed into the plastic zipper thing I keep the scraps in so I had to pull it all out as she plonked down an now it’s late and I need to clean up but she is in the thing I clean up into :/

And don’t forget about General Khan – 🙂 cause he rocks!!

Awwww babies!! I guess after an especially stressful day they are here for me (& not cause I need to clean up so sleep can happen)


Chris wants to buy me the fabric cutter machine – does strips hexies and whatever you have the right “die” for – can’t decide whether it’s a great or terrible idea…


It really doesn’t take much to cut the hexies now that Chris made me all these little plastic templates (I think there are enough)- but cutting strips well now – anything to make that go faster and straighter 😉