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The binding didn’t kill me.  The workout at the YMCA this morning didn’t kill me.  Going to the market in my sweaty gym clothes also didn’t kill me.  & I got me a sweet ass T-bone steak!  Therefore I went home and made myself a spinach + salad and the steak with brown rice & onions & mushrooms and steak and eggs – OMG I needed that so bad.  It’s made my day.  It was also a days worth of food!


Got to go enjoy nature today – I don’t do enough of that.  Khan was so happy to go for a longish walk for a change.

We saw 7 deer doing deer things on the other side of the river.  Also a blue heron flew by overhead and there were cardinals, sparrows, robins, and woodpeckers making songs to entertain our meander.  I also needed that whole nature thing. 


We stopped at Starbucks on the way there – I don’t do Starbucks so had no idea what to order so I googled it – google said get a iced caramel macchiato with extra caramel layered. It wasn’t bad 🙂

I did it – finished quilt #3 before the kids came home!!!!  I put it on napping Chris:


Binding went well – I machine stitched it – too & bottom simultaneously with great results on 3 sides – there was double stitching on the fourth.  So it’s not perfect – sue me 😉


I am happy with it. 

I really hope Kim likes it –>> I guess I find out tomorrow!

So onward and upward!  I’m bushed – there will be no trouble sleeping here!!

Considering how tired I am I can hardly believe I’m still awake (than again I’m too stubborn for my own good!)  today started out bloody cold again- but the sun came out and it got nicer (high of 7 feels like 3)  or 44.6 feels like 37.4.

There was all kinds of commotion at work.  Everybody wants something and they want it yesterday.  It’s very stressfull – my eye twitches when I am there.  But it quieted down I. The afternoon and I think I am making good progress now.



Here’s the binding – I’m doing a new method – the prActise piece worked 😉 


And than it’s after midnight!


Area Stark was enjoying the process too I guess 


Yay – maybe I’ll get the binding done on Saturday so I can deliver this gift on Sunday!!!! 

Quilt #3 is almost complete 



Sewing straight lines -> will get crazy with the cheese whizz next project that ain’t a gift!

Another crazy day:

Helix sick [proudly announces his diarrhea] – & C got mad – & my co-worker/senior college can be a bit of a control freak…

I think I looked good and worked my ass off – I also stuck to the three coffee max.



Hazel took the pedal today & I helped guide but she drove!

She made a mushroom.  She is doing her grade 2 speech on sewing. 

40″x53″ or something

All ready for basting & quilting 

Actually put the border on while watching Die Hard 3 (❤️ Me some Bruce Willis)



Pi says “what?!”


It’s the sun an the meadow an the beach and the sea…

Next step: border!   

Made it, in fact made it to tomorrow!  Let me tell you when I gloriously slept into 9:30 this morning I did not plan on staying up past 10pm (and here it is 1am)!

So it started out as a “white Easter” cause yeah – that’s what mood the planet is in over here (you could say something about frigid female dog…ness… Weather?) anyways it is still 0 feeling like -2.  



Yep – that’s the view out my bedroom window first thing this morning!  



 Easter bunny came – movies on today were Star Wars episodes 5 & 6, Hop, and an episode of Doctor Who with an amazing turkey dinner I did a fantastic job on!!

I did t get pics but we made all of the kids felt stuffies with their help.

I stayed up this late cause I wanted to be done Eloise’s quilt top -> watched 2 episodes of Bones and got the last 4 rows together but went no further because I have to work tomorrow – in fact have to get up in less than 5 hours… So yeah 😦 poor me not having enough time to quilt “sigh”.



I asked Helix “Are you cold?” 

He replied “Don’t I look like I could be in movies?”


I had the pleasure of meeting Eloise today!!!  Perfect little darling!  You forget how small newborns are, you dont mean to but you do!!


I added to her quilt when we came home – I am very pleased with how it looks so far.


I have been horridly stressed out about “stuff” lately and today was a great day as I experienced minimal stress.  I made a lasagne for Eloise’s family (that’s one thing I loved when I was having babies- people bringing food!!) I also made 1 for us too (cause well I love food aha and now I don’t have to make dinner tomorrow).

I am not sure whether to quilt with blue or black thread once I get the top done (there are four more rows) an add a black border.  Chris thinks I should use gold but um NO I don’t think so.  I think black in the sashing and a blue square in every squar…maybe…

I’ll have to make Eloise’s big brother a quilt too- and I am not sure yet what I want to make for that boy!!

I ordered the squares I am using for this randomly of the Internet and I love the patterns and just the general colours 🙂

It took me a while to decide what exactly to do with it – but it’s on it’s way now!  70 of my 100 squares are becoming Eloise’s quilt – neatly (aha aha) framed in and telling a story 🙂


Wow that photo is horribly out of focus (camera probably was freaking out cause I ignored any and all housework tonight – including dishes).  I really like some of these squares!!





 I was hoping to have it done this weekend but there is no way in hell that’s even remotely possible – no problemo!

1 day till the long weekend!!