I had the pleasure of meeting Eloise today!!!  Perfect little darling!  You forget how small newborns are, you dont mean to but you do!!


I added to her quilt when we came home – I am very pleased with how it looks so far.


I have been horridly stressed out about “stuff” lately and today was a great day as I experienced minimal stress.  I made a lasagne for Eloise’s family (that’s one thing I loved when I was having babies- people bringing food!!) I also made 1 for us too (cause well I love food aha and now I don’t have to make dinner tomorrow).

I am not sure whether to quilt with blue or black thread once I get the top done (there are four more rows) an add a black border.  Chris thinks I should use gold but um NO I don’t think so.  I think black in the sashing and a blue square in every squar…maybe…

I’ll have to make Eloise’s big brother a quilt too- and I am not sure yet what I want to make for that boy!!