Made it, in fact made it to tomorrow!  Let me tell you when I gloriously slept into 9:30 this morning I did not plan on staying up past 10pm (and here it is 1am)!

So it started out as a “white Easter” cause yeah – that’s what mood the planet is in over here (you could say something about frigid female dog…ness… Weather?) anyways it is still 0 feeling like -2.  



Yep – that’s the view out my bedroom window first thing this morning!  



 Easter bunny came – movies on today were Star Wars episodes 5 & 6, Hop, and an episode of Doctor Who with an amazing turkey dinner I did a fantastic job on!!

I did t get pics but we made all of the kids felt stuffies with their help.

I stayed up this late cause I wanted to be done Eloise’s quilt top -> watched 2 episodes of Bones and got the last 4 rows together but went no further because I have to work tomorrow – in fact have to get up in less than 5 hours… So yeah 😦 poor me not having enough time to quilt “sigh”.



I asked Helix “Are you cold?” 

He replied “Don’t I look like I could be in movies?”