The binding didn’t kill me.  The workout at the YMCA this morning didn’t kill me.  Going to the market in my sweaty gym clothes also didn’t kill me.  & I got me a sweet ass T-bone steak!  Therefore I went home and made myself a spinach + salad and the steak with brown rice & onions & mushrooms and steak and eggs – OMG I needed that so bad.  It’s made my day.  It was also a days worth of food!


Got to go enjoy nature today – I don’t do enough of that.  Khan was so happy to go for a longish walk for a change.

We saw 7 deer doing deer things on the other side of the river.  Also a blue heron flew by overhead and there were cardinals, sparrows, robins, and woodpeckers making songs to entertain our meander.  I also needed that whole nature thing. 


We stopped at Starbucks on the way there – I don’t do Starbucks so had no idea what to order so I googled it – google said get a iced caramel macchiato with extra caramel layered. It wasn’t bad 🙂

I did it – finished quilt #3 before the kids came home!!!!  I put it on napping Chris:


Binding went well – I machine stitched it – too & bottom simultaneously with great results on 3 sides – there was double stitching on the fourth.  So it’s not perfect – sue me 😉


I am happy with it. 

I really hope Kim likes it –>> I guess I find out tomorrow!

So onward and upward!  I’m bushed – there will be no trouble sleeping here!!