So I am trying not to be pissed off…but I am really really not succeeding at all. I don’t want to air my dirty laundry – but I feel like screaming.  I did do a lot of yelling/crying/freaking out already.

And I was so excited to go home after work.  Now I wish I could go back in time and drive my car clean through Chris’s car before any trouble could start (I think that would cause trouble).  Don’t get me wrong I am not the “I wish you were dead” type- but I am a smart woman who has so much more practise at being a human.  Seriously – my boyfriend is an alien robot sent from fuck off land expressly to back me into a corner occasionally and bully bully bully till I can’t not hate him.

I asked him to leave a month ago – he is still here – I like him but I hate seeing him every day.  Gods he never stops talking – and being negative – and just trying to control retarded stuff.

I was excited to come home with books to go through with my son – we would find the perfect book for him to he reading!  But dickhead Magee had to stand over us commenting commenting commenting that nothing  is appropriate blah blah blah – to the point my kid threw down the books and ducking left the room 😡 I hate him for that.  I will not get this back – how will my kids respect me if I am not treated with respect?

I also got a shipment of new pretty dresses – and they fit (thank God) I just finally found a minute to try them on.

It’s midnight- I just want to cry- I put some stitches in potholder 2 – first sewing in like a week & a half!



The zigzag was accidental but I like it so it stays – a remnant of the scraps I was stitching together for fun (specifically the rooster)



Time to shut this pity party down