I have to admit that although I was looking forward to this weekend there was a certain feeling if unease that I couldn’t shake leading up to it.  That turns out to have been ‘foreshadowing’ and I guess there is no way to fix the wrongs that plagued us.  Firstly though I got a new nephew and he is perfect and he is the greatest part of my weekend!  Here is my daughter with him:


Isn’t he the cutest thing ever?  We actually had a great Friday night and Saturday – right up to about 8:30 Saturday night when I realized my 5 year old had lice 😮 and also everyone else?! How the frick?! Oh my God – Sunday and Monday have been laundry laundry laundry an bag bag bag clean clean clean shampoo shampoo pick pick pick.  Still onus a couple live ones this evening so the war ain’t over yet.  In the up and up the weathers been awesome!  Blue skies and hot sun.  Currently it’s really hot inside, cool 🙂 

I did say fuck it this morning and watched Captain America and made the second oven mitt.  Silly pattern!  The thumbs are too stubby and missing quite a bit of  


 length – I’ll note that in the event I ever make more. 



I swear using the home dec fabric was a nightmare.  9