& by that I mean healing up after being ill for like forever!  I still slept 10 hours last night and I could actually breath through my nose!  A novel experience! I wanted to sew last night but was so quickly exhausted I only did 6/8 corners (practising for the star quilt) and then for some reason Chris sewed the two rectangles together?   Well I was planning on using them on the back anyways so no big deal! I worked at it for a bit today – sewing the scraps into a string block:    I keep making blocks that are scrappy – one day they will be something scrappy 🙂 Overall I haven’t done much at all this week – and I am still very tired.  I have been easily annoyed all week – and I still went to work everyday.  I feel like there is so much housework to do – and prep for moving at the end of the month and it sounds like the current tenants are leaving early so we can get the keys early and stay painting before we move in- in which case I need to get painting supplies and pick out colours :S Always so much to do 😉