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I keep working on this coaster

Started it last friday or saturday or… one of those ones!

i Should have cropped that🤔🤗

I have probably made 1000 mistakes so far. Many of them very evident and its a very satisfying kind of learning!  I did not expect to get so much bunching of the fabric in a couple of places.  And I have next to no experience with hand quilting so the desire to pull it all out and start over is high.  But I will not.  Gonna bind this bitch and love it for its learning flaws. ❤

I really need to make these entries earlier… who am I fooling? We might like ’em short!!  [And sweet]

So I made the bowl work:

(can we see the themes in the colours & designs I use?!😍) Sorry about the chalk marks too… well not really.

and the final reveal,

I suppose I could explain what I did… but I mean I looked at a picture and then used common sence and trial and error to get there… why would I deprive others of that? 😂

I suppose I should touch on things other than sewing… like this handsome daggone who was being super cute:

While I was sewing! Lol

I tried to come to a desicion about how to do the back of the garden quilt.  I really dont know if stripes is it tbh.  I just 😬 … just am not getting excited.  I am more inclined to make it scrappish but I dont want a million pieces to arrange… tbh wasnt so excited yesterday while I was lying it out.  Felt a little like Iwas being rushed and was not yer able to devide haa!!! 

I went thru the majority of my fabrics today.  I could get a bit excited doing that.  You know what i was wondering? If i shouldnt just find the szizzix die i have that does strips… could go fo that actually 😀 I might need to make a coffee sleeve too.  😴😴😴 

Hi. Its stupid late. Again.  Well maybe its just regular late.  I have a feeling trackpants for 😴 is too hot. I dont wanna wear tights or anything staticy soooo…fan. All the fan.

Feels like all I have been doing (last few days) is chasing my tail.  Friday night I pulled out every stitch I put in.  I guess I should mention I am attempting to make CB a collapsable bowl.

Last couple days my sewing excitment has been eclipsed by indecisiveness & doubt. Oh well, I will get over it.

(Am falling asleep)

Def couldnt decide much with regards to garden quilt back.

I don’t know if I should this, that or the other thing.  The below fabric is the only one I have enough of to cover the entire back.


😴😴😴happy 254th day of the year.

It doesn’t get any easier- so dont let them tell you it does.  Fighting that ol’ clock again.  

Get up • Commute • Work • Commute • Eat • Parent (or just talk to a wall & follow that up with yelling, sighing, evil glares and #ALLTHECUDDLES 

Just using scraps tonight- I will likely add them to the back.  Its bloody time consuming fitzing with all the pieces!

Hi. Its late, again.  Perpetual lateness indulgence.  I shouldn’t write these things when my brain is the mush conglomeration. Last night I finished getting the top of the garden quilt together… its a little like a secret garden maybe…

its a bit whimsical 😆

Remember wayyy back (queue Jolly Green Giant) the star quilt I was excited about? Well – its actually back into production 🍾


sometimes this app is a blinkin idiot.

Sorry 😀😆

Okay well this thing is sliding off the rails lol ( also my eyes are closing) so happy living & goodnight

See my gorgeous colourfull rooroo-kachoos 😜

Hullo.  Holiday monday and my crazy mom makes a point to wake me up.  Like I am 5 not 34.  Like I dont work my ass off being the bread winner.  Bread weiner 😂.  Weiner weiner weiner.  Yeah lets just go with that.  Raw uncut weiner monday 😆 ok jeez.  Crazy didnt fall far from the tree apparently 😛😛😛

my seams are a little off in some spots… I decided that since its so bright & colourful it will not end the world. I am a little dissappointed though, but its not in my nature to get all bent out of shape for reasons such as these.  

 Pi & Khat did their best to stop my fro searching through the second rubbermaid of fabrics 😸.

Getting this top together is no. 1 on my list.  I have another top to finish piecing as well as a coaster and some collapsable bowls to throw together too.  

Well I guess its time to be domestic… probably after a few belly rubs 😁 though…

Don’t you love it when something you love makes an appearance? I joined Gary at his friends cottage on Peacock Point this yesterday/today.  And last night when we climbed into the loft this gorgeous quilt came out!

Lol drunk me was sooooo happy! I really want to build some solid colours into my fabric collection.

Wow summer flew by!! The temperature has fallen; nights are chilly 😆! Work was work today. I had a car appointment that ended up taking all afternoon- but OMG soo much happier with them (so far) than dealership.  As a result we were walking from 2-6 with a food break.  I feel it.  More walking than normal!! 

I eventually hit up the machine, making rows: