Day 2 of waking up without a headache 😁🐴!! I really felt under the weather yesterday & honestly I’m surprised I feel better today. It is good news (even though I wouldn’t mind having a day off work to pursue my own selfish desires – which is sew in front of the boob tube all day haha).

All I’ve been working on is hexies. I am not even sure what the end game is. Probably quilt top- probably big enough too. I thing I am unsure of is whether to add a whole bunch of solid (panels or pieces). I’m also just inclined to do whatever the hell I want- don’t ask questions πŸ€— because basically I just need to practice and get my skillz all honed up!

cats ❀ quilts

I was stressing about this weekend so I cancelled all plans and focused on being home- being rested & just being! I am really glad I did too! Some of my friends might be mad at me for backing out but πŸ€” sometimes you have to go with your gut – even if it makes you look like a nutbar 😁!!

Okay I have to go to work now πŸ˜‘ & the snow is coming so the commute home might be hella sketchy πŸ˜πŸ˜‘πŸ˜… damn.