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I thought about quilting a lot today – and yesterday – and Sunday too but I didn’t feel very good on Sunday so I didn’t do very much.
Watched football with my 10 year old – he is very enthusiastic but has no idea what is going on…I may have a little more of an idea but my ideas have to do with broad shoulders and tight golden pants aha!
There is not enough time in a day! I would have sewed tonight but as soon as kids were in bed I climbed into my bed and let a video of arm knitting an infinity scarf distract me. She was right about it being fairly quick. Mine looks silly 🙂






So change of pace tonight: knitting

The local library is doing this thing:

And then they join all the squares together and ?display? the blanket!


I dove right in and a couple of knit 2 purl 2’s later:

A square!
My sick son is on the inhalers now and feeling much better 🙂 \o/