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And its late.  Again.  Of course it is! I found the last quilt top pieces I finished cutting 2 years ago.  Also found some charm packs.  So i made some blocks with the charm packs instead of assembling the star quilt… yup ok lol!

I had to start looking for matching fabrics because obviously this is going to be giant quilt top 😅😁🤗 and 21 >9″ squares isnt big enough for anyone.  

Also my youngest turned 8 today 😀 so did the lazer tag birthday thing 😎 turns out playing lazer tag is actually tons of fun!

But now I am back 😋

I suppose it would be wise to provide some accountance for my 2 year absense 😛 (?da fuk dat happen?)

I left off by saying I was staying at my moms – until I moved to my grandpas house (cause he is in a home) and mom sold her house and moved too.  So we collided 3 houses worth of stuff into one and have been struggling to- get through life/live life/survive life/get over it ever since.  Ha yup just like that! 

So I have been dying to sew since we moved here and long story short it took too effing long to get my stuff sorted out (its not) and only recently have I been sewing again.

So the hexies were the kindling – and I do believe it has started a fire!!  I really wanted to nake an apron so when Im sewing hexies I can drop stuff in pockets.

I have not used it yet… its too pretty! 😂

So then this happened:

This was the best thing at Fabricland😍

Hammer pants/Harem pants

🤣😂❤ so I am back 


I haven’t been on here for a bit.  I haven’t been sewing either.  In fact – my world has blown up and well – just hard work and perseverance will hopefully see me through!

First off, the move did not go well.  It was very mismanaged from the beginning right through until it crashed (I almost wish it burned too).  I didn’t get keys until June 30th at 8:20pm or so – and was told new people were moving into my unit bright and early the next morning.  Wow – thanks landlady who happens to be in freaking Austria during all this!  Next, the apartment…oh God where to start?!  Filthy!  Unsafe!  Unlivable!


So – Chris (who had found a room and was leaving living with us) offered to see if we could take over the condo as he was the first room rented out, and the person renting it had expressed interest in renting the whole unit as opposed to room by room.  I could go on about that and everything that happened next…suffice to say SCAM.  He took the first and last, and buggered off…


Had to throw stuff into filthy apartment and I moved kids in with my mom.  I broke up with Chris.  He took it well.  I kept scrubbing for 3 days until I admitted apartment is not fixable.  This dead mouse rotting away in the kitchen vent also had something to do with that…(top left) btw all the vents in the entire house are like that and far worse…


I am also now moved in with my mom.  Gave notice that the dirty apartment would be empty at the end of the month too.  I hate leaving my cats there!!!!!!!

So currently am not sewing.  Am working, commuting, making sure my kids are ok.  Purging as much stuff as I can and apartment hunting.  I am booked solid every weekend for the next month.  No idea how I am going to make this work.  Did I mention my mom has a small 2 bedroom wartime house that I and my 3 kids and dog have moved into?  Oh and that she is in the process of putting it on the market for sale?  and that she has 2 cats and in a couple of weeks my 2 cats will have no where to go?


Weather here was amazing today!  Actually is was a very beautiful I weekend – I have no idea where it went!  I don’t even feel like I did anything!  Groceries – washed laundry but didn’t fold or put it away, made food…started making pillows!

For fathers Day I made Chris a pillow – my kids didn’t want to make him anything – so I took care of that!  He liked it so that’s good!

We went to see Jurassic World – it was awesome!  I loved it!  Helix cried at the end but not cause he was scared or anything – he just got upset when the bad Dino didn’t have the greatest ending…cool – apparently my kid has empathy and wants good things for even the bad guy – very cool!

Made slow cooker meatloaf – it was awesome – also made chocolate ice cream – also awesome !!!!

Did Pillow #1 for my niece :


Got no packing done though…also didn’t clean the bathroom…also didn’t kill anyone!! 

Also the pillow has ears: 


I have to admit that although I was looking forward to this weekend there was a certain feeling if unease that I couldn’t shake leading up to it.  That turns out to have been ‘foreshadowing’ and I guess there is no way to fix the wrongs that plagued us.  Firstly though I got a new nephew and he is perfect and he is the greatest part of my weekend!  Here is my daughter with him:


Isn’t he the cutest thing ever?  We actually had a great Friday night and Saturday – right up to about 8:30 Saturday night when I realized my 5 year old had lice 😮 and also everyone else?! How the frick?! Oh my God – Sunday and Monday have been laundry laundry laundry an bag bag bag clean clean clean shampoo shampoo pick pick pick.  Still onus a couple live ones this evening so the war ain’t over yet.  In the up and up the weathers been awesome!  Blue skies and hot sun.  Currently it’s really hot inside, cool 🙂 

I did say fuck it this morning and watched Captain America and made the second oven mitt.  Silly pattern!  The thumbs are too stubby and missing quite a bit of  


 length – I’ll note that in the event I ever make more. 



I swear using the home dec fabric was a nightmare.  9


Hazel took the pedal today & I helped guide but she drove!

She made a mushroom.  She is doing her grade 2 speech on sewing. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Eloise today!!!  Perfect little darling!  You forget how small newborns are, you dont mean to but you do!!


I added to her quilt when we came home – I am very pleased with how it looks so far.


I have been horridly stressed out about “stuff” lately and today was a great day as I experienced minimal stress.  I made a lasagne for Eloise’s family (that’s one thing I loved when I was having babies- people bringing food!!) I also made 1 for us too (cause well I love food aha and now I don’t have to make dinner tomorrow).

I am not sure whether to quilt with blue or black thread once I get the top done (there are four more rows) an add a black border.  Chris thinks I should use gold but um NO I don’t think so.  I think black in the sashing and a blue square in every squar…maybe…

I’ll have to make Eloise’s big brother a quilt too- and I am not sure yet what I want to make for that boy!!

I ordered the squares I am using for this randomly of the Internet and I love the patterns and just the general colours 🙂

It took me a while to decide what exactly to do with it – but it’s on it’s way now!  70 of my 100 squares are becoming Eloise’s quilt – neatly (aha aha) framed in and telling a story 🙂


Wow that photo is horribly out of focus (camera probably was freaking out cause I ignored any and all housework tonight – including dishes).  I really like some of these squares!!





 I was hoping to have it done this weekend but there is no way in hell that’s even remotely possible – no problemo!

1 day till the long weekend!! 

Well man has a man cold which translates to me as a gorgeous night 😉
Had a quiet dinner with the kids – nobody said boo to anybody – all tickedy boo!
Then I retired to my sewing machine (& cutting mat) and tried out the fishy block that helix likes. The vicar of dibley and a cuppa black currant tea kept me company.

I’m debating making baby quilts out of fishies…jury is still out aha

I have survived the first week of work! The 5am mornings do take some getting used too, as do the frigid temperatures all week.

I think it was a fairly good week- although I felt like an idiot multiple times. I think there’s a point that was made – I am no longer in school with someone telling me every little thing- in the real world people tell you shit fuck all and expect you to know exactly what they are thinking. Awesome! 😉
Chris turned up today at noon and brought me a present!

That made my day!

I am looking forward to doing some tiny scrap sewing tomorrow- bright and early!!

Then I guess I should sort out pot holders. Next weekend most likely.
Tomorrow is my birthday and I am going shopping! New outfit here I come!!