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But I didn’t. I’m short two.
When I laid them all out:

What an insane colorful mess!!

I was in a weird staring mode and powered through making these six tonight:






We had an extra kid for the last 3 days and a sick one too and somehow I haven’t been to school at all this week and haven’t even done any homework. I feel like I don’t even care. I’m tired of caring when no one else did and now I’m too bored/tired/distracted and O wish I still had my job (lol but not as a co-op).
I like the quilting so far though.
I’m debating whether to use up the same fabrics on the back or whether to get one colour/pattern for it or even to get the extra wide backing fabric…and I think maybe bamboo batting but we will see.
Anyways the man does *needs snuggles now 😉

So after spending 5 hours in the car today I managed to make just one block. Just 1. It’s okay – I’m just being over tired now.
But this is it-


I like it.
🙂 now I need to clean the litter and shower and crash cause tomorrow is a very early morning – again!

It had been a whole week since I managed to sew. School & dinners & chores & shopping and almost* always putting very one else first 😉

But tonight I took some time and made a block! I watched 2 episodes of Bones. It is some awful hour (11:00pm) and considering I have been awake since 4:15 I’d say it is a miracle I’m not snoozin in my dinner hours ago!
I made this green on whatever block tonight (I meant whatever on green I think):
I was afraid it was going to look stupid- but I like it!
I made this 1 last weekend:


I should probably pick up the pace if I want to get anywhere. I was originally going to do all pinwheels In between the 9 patches and 4 Patches. Now I’m playing with half squares every time,

Well then…

It turns out that Friday night was a night of good news in varying forms for me. Firstly I acquired some evidence for my case – and things were already looking really good for me – therefore I have icing for the cake? Or just more skeletons in the closet? Not sure because sometimes having all the things I knew about brought into the light makes me feel so foolish for staying so long. Secondly my lovely Christopher was blessed in just the perfect way (I won’t go into details) but it lead to a happier and more chaotic weekend than originally anticipated.

So I stayed up stupid late tonight making 4 patches:

I made 16 of them.
Area Stark enjoyed my blocks,


As did Pumpkin Pi.


And then General Khan heard me talking to the kitties and had to get in on the action!


So I feel good about my progress. I have a total of 20 blocks of 56, so 1/3 of the way there!

Ok collapsing time!

This morning I awoke with a dilibitating headache ~ and that was followed my a huge argument with my eldest about how he could have brought his ds to camp if he had of not broken the rules earlier this week…gah kids!
I made it out an about – found some fun fabrics & had a tea with a good friend.

Finally took some meds for my headache and crashed Chris’s final day of work luncheon by attending it lol
We went on an outing to ikea an bought a much needed lamp as well as a much needed dresser (I’m so tired of Chris’s clothes living in a Rubbermaid!
Now it’s far too late to do anything – I can’t stop yawning and my eyes are so watered out I’m sure there is eye makeup on my chin…

I got fabric in the mail today! I was so excited to come home an get it! I ha big plans for tonight. But then I got tired – and while I made the half blocks for a pinwheel:
That’s all I did. Well I did have cheese and crackers and watched an episode of Bones (which pretty well killed my appetite).
Today was my last day of work – I completed 3 co-ops with the school board. I guess now it’s the final semester of studies, commencing Wednesday.
…wish we were putting together a working drawing package for the construction of The Greatest Quilt Ever!

!A girl can dream!

Even though it is 8 million degrees I got some blocks done tonight! After all the cutting it’s a completely different pace sewing. And I only had to get Chris to sort out my machine twice!

I’m liking the scrappy theme I’m going for and originally had intended on using a solid sashing – I’m now wondering if I want to just mash it all together…

I suppose when I have a whole bunch made I’ll lay it all out and see what it looks like.

When I started laying out the patches Area Stark decided to sit smack dab on them! I guess that’s why the internet is riddled with photos of cats and

Anyways my eyes are burning so it’s not my choice to crash but necessity.