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Pillow 3:


Mr bunny was in the parking lot – than garden – when I was picking kids up from karate.  Hullo mr. Bunny!

Today is this years last day of school – my kids are super excited – let me tell you that school is pretty darn cleaned up!  Report cards are amazing and the plethora of school work coming home is insane!

I hope to finish cat pillow 3 tonight for Saturdays party.  Then I can concentrate on packing.  The landlady still isn’t clear in what day the downstairs people are leaving.   So moving sometime by Wednesday.  I have booked off work Monday & Tuesday so that should help.

I took off the too skinny strip and finished the pillow top.  Tonight I hope to do the backs.

Yesterday the praise was heaped on me at work.  🙂 hooray for a good day.  Let’s try for another one shall we?!

Even though it is 8 million degrees I got some blocks done tonight! After all the cutting it’s a completely different pace sewing. And I only had to get Chris to sort out my machine twice!

I’m liking the scrappy theme I’m going for and originally had intended on using a solid sashing – I’m now wondering if I want to just mash it all together…

I suppose when I have a whole bunch made I’ll lay it all out and see what it looks like.

When I started laying out the patches Area Stark decided to sit smack dab on them! I guess that’s why the internet is riddled with photos of cats and

Anyways my eyes are burning so it’s not my choice to crash but necessity.