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it seems that the harder I try this semester the more stuff happens to stop me. So I actually had my dad offer to take the kids on Sunday- and guess what – Hazel ended up with the
most painful case of pink eye EVER. Oh and Saturday was a write off cause the boy needs shoes (and what a fiasco that turns into lol) and me mate needs a gal for her bridal dinner & show. Monday was trips to the doctors office the next town over and
Multiple trips to the kids school.
I’ve come to the conclusion that as long as I want to do homework my life goes nuts. This morning Chris realized the muffler strap fell off the car. \o/ yay!!!
So I assembled my blocks:

56 blocks for my first ever quilt

My poor girl was feeling much better today and was really excited to help arrange the blocks!


Even Area Stark & Pumpkin Pi came to help!!!! Meow!


And the finished quilt top!
I can at least sleep feeling like I accomplished something – maybe not all that insane homework oh wells…

So- as much as I want to work on the quilt top- I chose having tea with a very good friend & doing the dishes (oh my soooo many dishes!)
Handed in assignments today for life safety (sprinklers and fire alarm drawings) and yes I cried a little (a lot yesterday). Nothing is as perfect as I want it – the software isn’t user friendly – the teacher is an idiot because the assignments have idiotic aspects to them -grrrr- but whatever. What’s done is done and only onward and upward from here!
So I took some me time (even though I shouldn’t) an watched Ghost Adventures (while setting up the Business Plan assignment) and I have an interview tomorrow and no idea what to wear. I also don’t remember where I put my portfolio (shoot had it been almost a year already?) and I didn’t get a hair cut…

So I sewed some little squares together to finish my scrap block (and keep the scraps down).
None of t was very straight – AWESOME – cause it’s character!!

All that mattered is it had fabric enough under the square!

Little wonky panda!

Funny enough unicorn stayed pretty square lol

Here it is all squared up! Looks good I think. (My half hour to finish this block worked into an hour but that included my 9 year old needing a goodnight tuck in and the bobbin running out.)
My plan is to use up all small scraps as quick as possible into the scrappy postage stamp squares. I suppose in a year you can ask me how it is going 😛

So went home and cut some more random scraps and sewed them up:



I am not happy with my lines not adding up -& when I sewed them to the two I already made I found that the new ones were much bigger…

I stopped before finishing because I thought I ran out of little squares- turns out the cat threw them on the floor…
I feel like I would be happier if I started over and made everything even Stephen lol

I laid out all my pieces last Friday thinking I’d figure out the order then sew them all together. We had to go away for the weekend to dog sit and then visit and when I got back I first had to study for a midterm – so I left my block stack on the bed and opened up my books. Well in waltzes the dog, hops up in the bed and decided he is going to nest! Gah! He unpiled my sorted blocks and now they are a jumble again. I’ve been feeling like a cold is trying to get me all week. Have the sore throat and lethargy too.
Last night I cut some scraps 1.5×1.5 for the postage stamp quilt I will make out of leftover bits. That and I practiced my hand drawing for the millwork exam today. I hate tests. Tomorrow I find out how I did on the structural design midterm. Apparently the class average is 56% so that’s not encouraging. Too bad it wasn’t a structure of a quilt exam 🙂 hopefully will get some time with my sewing machine soon. I indulge everyone else’s whims therefore I should also indulge my own.


But I didn’t. I’m short two.
When I laid them all out:

What an insane colorful mess!!

I was in a weird staring mode and powered through making these six tonight:






We had an extra kid for the last 3 days and a sick one too and somehow I haven’t been to school at all this week and haven’t even done any homework. I feel like I don’t even care. I’m tired of caring when no one else did and now I’m too bored/tired/distracted and O wish I still had my job (lol but not as a co-op).
I like the quilting so far though.
I’m debating whether to use up the same fabrics on the back or whether to get one colour/pattern for it or even to get the extra wide backing fabric…and I think maybe bamboo batting but we will see.
Anyways the man does *needs snuggles now 😉

I decided today that I didn’t care – grumpy grump – it’s cold – I’m sleepy – just wanna sew.

So I ignored homework – screw setting up files – it doesn’t matter right now. I just need peace.

I cut fabric for 5.5″ squares – than assembled them (some of them into half triangle squares and than into blocks:

The first one is very busy.

The second 1 is my favourite of the day! The contrast is good & it totally is an envelope \o/

My chickens are eating grass!!!!
I sewed until the bobber? No! Bobbin! Ran out. That’s why the sewing stopped. That’s why I’m in bed – Abu know it’s not that bad outside but it’s way way colder than it’s been in months!
Overall feeling happy and exhausted! Happy living people!

Even though it is 8 million degrees I got some blocks done tonight! After all the cutting it’s a completely different pace sewing. And I only had to get Chris to sort out my machine twice!

I’m liking the scrappy theme I’m going for and originally had intended on using a solid sashing – I’m now wondering if I want to just mash it all together…

I suppose when I have a whole bunch made I’ll lay it all out and see what it looks like.

When I started laying out the patches Area Stark decided to sit smack dab on them! I guess that’s why the internet is riddled with photos of cats and

Anyways my eyes are burning so it’s not my choice to crash but necessity.


So after a week or two of re-learning how to use my sewing machine tonight I finally felt ready to make my first quilt square.
After watching countless tutorials that make everything look extremely easy I was not surprised to make a few mistakes! This doesn’t bother me I’m totally thrilled to be on my way FINALLY!

So here is my first 9 patch, assembled from a disassembled dress that I suppose represents a friendship just as disassembled as it (not sure how I feel about that) 😔😜😳😉

I do know that suddenly out of nowhere a strong and undeniable urge to quilt has overcome me. I think rationally that I probably don’t want to go back to school for one more gruelling semester before graduation…
YAY 9-PATCH! \o/