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So after spending 5 hours in the car today I managed to make just one block. Just 1. It’s okay – I’m just being over tired now.
But this is it-


I like it.
🙂 now I need to clean the litter and shower and crash cause tomorrow is a very early morning – again!

It had been a whole week since I managed to sew. School & dinners & chores & shopping and almost* always putting very one else first 😉

But tonight I took some time and made a block! I watched 2 episodes of Bones. It is some awful hour (11:00pm) and considering I have been awake since 4:15 I’d say it is a miracle I’m not snoozin in my dinner hours ago!
I made this green on whatever block tonight (I meant whatever on green I think):
I was afraid it was going to look stupid- but I like it!
I made this 1 last weekend:


I should probably pick up the pace if I want to get anywhere. I was originally going to do all pinwheels In between the 9 patches and 4 Patches. Now I’m playing with half squares every time,

Well then…

So after a week or two of re-learning how to use my sewing machine tonight I finally felt ready to make my first quilt square.
After watching countless tutorials that make everything look extremely easy I was not surprised to make a few mistakes! This doesn’t bother me I’m totally thrilled to be on my way FINALLY!

So here is my first 9 patch, assembled from a disassembled dress that I suppose represents a friendship just as disassembled as it (not sure how I feel about that) 😔😜😳😉

I do know that suddenly out of nowhere a strong and undeniable urge to quilt has overcome me. I think rationally that I probably don’t want to go back to school for one more gruelling semester before graduation…
YAY 9-PATCH! \o/