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Pest – the word sends shivers down my spine!  I have had the unfortunate luck to have been invaded by carpenter ants (trees came down in a storm – ants moved inside), rats 😬 (dug up the street behind us and the neighbour kept dog food outside so they moved right in), and if course what pet owner has never fought with fleas? You talk about pests and I shiver because I know it can be an uphill battle.   My advice is always get professional help – and get on top of it fast!  Never hesitate!  Act!

So I made good ish progress with the lice but I hired “lice squad” to come in in Thursday.  I was worried that I had them too (sympathy itches ugh!) wow what a difference the right tools an info makes.  I have done so much laundry!  Tonight is the first day in a week I didn’t throw the pillows in the dryer for 20-30 minutes and change the bedding and flip the mattresses.  I am very tired and also very thankful.  Thank God it wasn’t bedbugs or roaches or something harder and more expensive to fight!  But I still view this as a week from hell – holiday Monday followed up by 2 days off (Tuesday and Thursday) and today I worked but they got me a new computer so I watched software being installed all day by Eugene!  Nice guy (very soft spoken – I keep thinking he is talking to himself but no apparently he is talking to me? Oh haha hello!!)

This whole week I have been living moment to moment – lists of things to be done in the next 2 hours – barely making it through those lists and collapsing.  My mom has been helpful – I don’t know what I would have done without her!  I wouldn’t have been able to work Wednesday and would definitely have been late today.  My boyfriend had been as helpful as snails on a rhino… Well no surprise there!

Tonight I did things for me!  I finished the novel I began a few days ago.  I finished Robyn’s pot holders and oven mitts!!!!


I watched a BBC show about Caligula and then one about scandalous women of Victorian times.  I guess we have come a long way – but not bloody far enough!

I feel like I have stayed up 3 hours past bedtime…oh wait- I have done just that. Bf is snoring, that’s 2 nights in a row I have come to bed far after he has.  Last night was deliberate / he told me to go to bed. So naturally I couldn’t!

Yay for some victories ~~~~~!

So I am trying not to be pissed off…but I am really really not succeeding at all. I don’t want to air my dirty laundry – but I feel like screaming.  I did do a lot of yelling/crying/freaking out already.

And I was so excited to go home after work.  Now I wish I could go back in time and drive my car clean through Chris’s car before any trouble could start (I think that would cause trouble).  Don’t get me wrong I am not the “I wish you were dead” type- but I am a smart woman who has so much more practise at being a human.  Seriously – my boyfriend is an alien robot sent from fuck off land expressly to back me into a corner occasionally and bully bully bully till I can’t not hate him.

I asked him to leave a month ago – he is still here – I like him but I hate seeing him every day.  Gods he never stops talking – and being negative – and just trying to control retarded stuff.

I was excited to come home with books to go through with my son – we would find the perfect book for him to he reading!  But dickhead Magee had to stand over us commenting commenting commenting that nothing  is appropriate blah blah blah – to the point my kid threw down the books and ducking left the room 😡 I hate him for that.  I will not get this back – how will my kids respect me if I am not treated with respect?

I also got a shipment of new pretty dresses – and they fit (thank God) I just finally found a minute to try them on.

It’s midnight- I just want to cry- I put some stitches in potholder 2 – first sewing in like a week & a half!



The zigzag was accidental but I like it so it stays – a remnant of the scraps I was stitching together for fun (specifically the rooster)



Time to shut this pity party down