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I decided today that I didn’t care – grumpy grump – it’s cold – I’m sleepy – just wanna sew.

So I ignored homework – screw setting up files – it doesn’t matter right now. I just need peace.

I cut fabric for 5.5″ squares – than assembled them (some of them into half triangle squares and than into blocks:

The first one is very busy.

The second 1 is my favourite of the day! The contrast is good & it totally is an envelope \o/

My chickens are eating grass!!!!
I sewed until the bobber? No! Bobbin! Ran out. That’s why the sewing stopped. That’s why I’m in bed – Abu know it’s not that bad outside but it’s way way colder than it’s been in months!
Overall feeling happy and exhausted! Happy living people!

I can begin to sew blocks now- I started sewing little 1″ scrap pieces on Saturday morning to make a 9 patch out of smaller 9 patches – made 2 of those. I think they look good!
It will look even better when it’s done.

I have chosen some colours for pinwheels too…but am going to need many more of those!

I have almost 150 small blocks for the 9 patches and 35 5″ blocks for the 4 patches and a little more cutting to do before I run out of fabric.

But right now I have to wake up a sleeping Chris so I can put sheets on the bed. Dang why is it always so very late grrrr I want to keep going. Alas I need to sleep- and I guarantee the dog needs out for his evening constitutional.