Weather here was amazing today!  Actually is was a very beautiful I weekend – I have no idea where it went!  I don’t even feel like I did anything!  Groceries – washed laundry but didn’t fold or put it away, made food…started making pillows!

For fathers Day I made Chris a pillow – my kids didn’t want to make him anything – so I took care of that!  He liked it so that’s good!

We went to see Jurassic World – it was awesome!  I loved it!  Helix cried at the end but not cause he was scared or anything – he just got upset when the bad Dino didn’t have the greatest ending…cool – apparently my kid has empathy and wants good things for even the bad guy – very cool!

Made slow cooker meatloaf – it was awesome – also made chocolate ice cream – also awesome !!!!

Did Pillow #1 for my niece :


Got no packing done though…also didn’t clean the bathroom…also didn’t kill anyone!! 

Also the pillow has ears: