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Hi, long time no see. Also, long time no sew. I just skimmed through a bunch of my previous stuff to see where I left off and provide proper updates but also I need to leave in a minute so why am I starting this now???

Just wanted to say my machines all serviced 💪 and I missed sewing soooo much!!

The back for the last top I made
Remember this?
I made this mask

Happy stitching 🙂

Goodmorning. I find myself trapped in the same cycle of go to bed too late and get up too late and be late late late 🤗😅 but if I didn’t I would go mad. I am not 1 of those people who just does work and chores and climbs into bed! If there is no reading or sewing or whatever I feel like for satisfying downtime than I get pretty out of wack. I am definitely not a robot or a martha stewart. My house is messy- things half done or waiting to be done (and plans to do are always getting pushed back!). That’s just how it is when you are 1 person trying to think for everyone.

I been listing to a lot of classical music trying to stay calm cool and collected 🤗 nah bruh I just listen to it cause I like it haha.

I felt awful yesterday. Woke up under the weather and pushed through work. Just literally counting the seconds until i can go home and do all the other shit 😁

Was loving this playlist for doing yoga😍 My body always feels better after some yoga 💪🧘‍♀️❤

Shit I am late… have to get on the rat race train!!

Back to hexies the last couple nights… would rather do this than go to the office hands down!!!!!

My sister in law had her baby today!!!!! So it’s time to shift into gear and get the top of baby’s quilt together!



I’m far too tired to say much – it’s still really cold outside :


And u made a big pile of stuff squaring up all those squares lol


Felt like being random today and not playing by the rules. I stitched up the little scraps from the binding snips and whipped up a mini quilt for my daughter- well for her stuffed enderman “Endy”.



Now I am inclined to play games with my grounded boys. Have to have a break from being grounded on the holidays eh?! (You would think you would follow the rules too – especially when they have been repeated 600x but apparently using the furniture as playground equipment is too much to ask for)

it seems that the harder I try this semester the more stuff happens to stop me. So I actually had my dad offer to take the kids on Sunday- and guess what – Hazel ended up with the
most painful case of pink eye EVER. Oh and Saturday was a write off cause the boy needs shoes (and what a fiasco that turns into lol) and me mate needs a gal for her bridal dinner & show. Monday was trips to the doctors office the next town over and
Multiple trips to the kids school.
I’ve come to the conclusion that as long as I want to do homework my life goes nuts. This morning Chris realized the muffler strap fell off the car. \o/ yay!!!
So I assembled my blocks:

56 blocks for my first ever quilt

My poor girl was feeling much better today and was really excited to help arrange the blocks!


Even Area Stark & Pumpkin Pi came to help!!!! Meow!


And the finished quilt top!
I can at least sleep feeling like I accomplished something – maybe not all that insane homework oh wells…

So- as much as I want to work on the quilt top- I chose having tea with a very good friend & doing the dishes (oh my soooo many dishes!)
Handed in assignments today for life safety (sprinklers and fire alarm drawings) and yes I cried a little (a lot yesterday). Nothing is as perfect as I want it – the software isn’t user friendly – the teacher is an idiot because the assignments have idiotic aspects to them -grrrr- but whatever. What’s done is done and only onward and upward from here!
So I took some me time (even though I shouldn’t) an watched Ghost Adventures (while setting up the Business Plan assignment) and I have an interview tomorrow and no idea what to wear. I also don’t remember where I put my portfolio (shoot had it been almost a year already?) and I didn’t get a hair cut…

So I sewed some little squares together to finish my scrap block (and keep the scraps down).
None of t was very straight – AWESOME – cause it’s character!!

All that mattered is it had fabric enough under the square!

Little wonky panda!

Funny enough unicorn stayed pretty square lol

Here it is all squared up! Looks good I think. (My half hour to finish this block worked into an hour but that included my 9 year old needing a goodnight tuck in and the bobbin running out.)
My plan is to use up all small scraps as quick as possible into the scrappy postage stamp squares. I suppose in a year you can ask me how it is going 😛

I laid out all my pieces last Friday thinking I’d figure out the order then sew them all together. We had to go away for the weekend to dog sit and then visit and when I got back I first had to study for a midterm – so I left my block stack on the bed and opened up my books. Well in waltzes the dog, hops up in the bed and decided he is going to nest! Gah! He unpiled my sorted blocks and now they are a jumble again. I’ve been feeling like a cold is trying to get me all week. Have the sore throat and lethargy too.
Last night I cut some scraps 1.5×1.5 for the postage stamp quilt I will make out of leftover bits. That and I practiced my hand drawing for the millwork exam today. I hate tests. Tomorrow I find out how I did on the structural design midterm. Apparently the class average is 56% so that’s not encouraging. Too bad it wasn’t a structure of a quilt exam 🙂 hopefully will get some time with my sewing machine soon. I indulge everyone else’s whims therefore I should also indulge my own.


So the last 2 movies I’ve watched have sucked. Red 2 was awful & so was insidious. No big deal then that I was trimming my blocks to perfection!
I have 1 dismantled block that I cannot save – so I am just going to make a new 1 ~ and then I can’t wait to start to put this thing together!



I am tired. Tired of waking up to get everyone else going- tired of caring about everyone’s feelings and about who wants to do what.
Mostly tired of stressing about things I can’t control. I feel like I am giving up on myself a bunch – more like giving in to everyone else’s priorities.
My little world vies for my attention – then screams and rants- hollers and raves. Sigh.
I did more cutting last night (to finish the 9 patches). And said eff homework – had a sick kid anyways – so stayed in & sewed today.




I think I’m tired of fishing and football and weekend plans- I am not excited to do whatever anyone has planned for me. I do not even want thanksgiving. I’m sure I’ll be home tomorrow – Hayden’s cough is not friendly and his breathing is heavy and wheezy. Poor kid 😦 I sat with him for a long time while he tried to fall asleep.
I hope he is much better tomorrow.
I worked most of the way through my stack of 3.5″ squares – only have 5 squares left to make!

A couple days back I pulled all my squares (pre 9 patches) and laid them out:

So tomorrow I will sew up the remaining 5 9-patches & then all that’s left is the final 6 half triangle squares (which I still have to cut for – and I really wish I had a proper workbench and much larger cutting mat for that particular pleasure)
After a good sleep, I hope my optimistic happy self returns to replace this particular grinch! Oh well I’m sure it’s just the 15 degree temperature drop 🙂

So after spending 5 hours in the car today I managed to make just one block. Just 1. It’s okay – I’m just being over tired now.
But this is it-


I like it.
🙂 now I need to clean the litter and shower and crash cause tomorrow is a very early morning – again!