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-meanwhile time is apparently playing plague with me!  Sick again!  And the kind with horrid deibilitating symptoms that you can’t even blog about!  While actually you could but it wouldn’t make for good reading – unless of course you are a medical student intent on diagnosing a weird new disease – it’s just the flu btw.  I missed work today.  I woke up nauseous and too dizzy to drive – spent the majority of the day sleeping.  

I have been neglecting my sewing – not for a lack of wanting but we are moving in 2 weeks and shit needs to get done!  *try and tell Chris that 😳 he doesn’t even think we should pack 😁.  But my nieces birthday is coming up quick and I wanted to make her something cool.  I have the sizzix fox die so I thought pillow!  So this weekend I did up a practise pillow.  I was scared about putting in the lace.  Hahaha turns out I didn’t even hve enough and then I sewed it into the seam on the 1 corner so yeah 😜!


So next weekend I do the good copy of this – fingers crossed it comes out!

I made extra foxes with the rest of the die pieces- here’s one:

I used some adhesive stuff that’s heavy duty so we will see how well it holds up.  Debating whether it needs hand stitching to keep it adhered and give it that added touch.

I sat at the machine a couple times today for very short periods as I was having a lot of joint pain.  I started putting the points on the stars for the star quilt.

Cannot wait to really get into it!  I’ve been having tension problems – brought me to tears a couple times this weekend (it’s the flu damnit!) so hoping it’s sorted out now. 

A week or so ago I broke up with Chris  told him it’s over and GTFO.  Came home the next day and he claimed to be a new person and said he was never leaving.  Crazy much?!  I consulted with a strong independent woman whom I respect, she told me men are ruled by food and sex – true – and I should convince him to move out nicely.  So I through out words like adult playground – he is moving out at the end if the month.  I would like to say I don’t hate him, but sometimes I do.  I don’t think he is human – he treats me like shit – and is an asshole to the kids.  Constantly.  

I was in the park talking on the phone with a good supportive friend – telling him that I know the universe is telling me I need to change things & has been using hawks as messangers to do it.  As I was saying I need to be independant – in the park that has the same name as me – there was a hawk! In the middle of town trying to get a sparrow I think!  Confirmation. 

So hopefully I’m not in trouble at work – hopefully my move downstairs and his move across town all goes smoothly.   Hopefully I can be on here with more quilting updates soon!!!

This is my mean face – “just call me buck!”- is more silly though lol


Well – it ain’t perfect:




Hazel took the pedal today & I helped guide but she drove!

She made a mushroom.  She is doing her grade 2 speech on sewing. 

My sister in law had her baby today!!!!! So it’s time to shift into gear and get the top of baby’s quilt together!



I’m far too tired to say much – it’s still really cold outside :


And u made a big pile of stuff squaring up all those squares lol


I feel like I am still in transition – getting used to the knew schedule still and working. I worked hard as a student but it was very different from the kind of solitary struggle that’s happens in the office lol – I cursed group work and I’m cursing it now too lol.
We had a stupid amount of late nights this week – it feels like every night we were running some kind of behind!

Anyways you cannot tell I did lots of dishes this morning – why? Because we literally used them being a family of 6 and needing to eat lunch and dinner. ( I dream of the day I have a installed dishwasher and an apartment with actual consistent water pressure)

I have been working on cutting for like ever now – it’s few and far between the nights I don’t feel like road kill and just crawl into bed. Last night I fully managed to get half of Dido’s quilt blocks made – tonight I finished the set & laid them out.

I think I put too much gold beside itself. Keep in mind I designed it in CAD with randomly assigned colours lol – all in all though I really like it!!



I have been trying to find the time to make practice blocks for my dido’s quilt. Easier said than done when it all boils down. Now that we are all working and in school and generally busy 99.9% of the time there really is a very limited amount of time at the end of the night to spend crafting.
So finally last night, Saturday night, I sat down and I made the practice blocks and they were horrible. Perhaps horrible is too strong of a word but I had a lot of difficulty making seems lineup. So I’d rip them all out and resew with them quarter-inch this way or eighth of an inch that way but in the end I still wasn’t satisfied with the results. Therefore I gave up on making diamond blocks. I decided to stick with the 9 1/2″ square (allows me to square up the individual blocks as I go).
*of course Chris starts talking to me right now – piss off cause it’s not like I hardly ever do this 😡 has all weekend to talk – talks when I’m trying to say something!
Anyways as I was saying – diamond blocks were not easy to line up- so I think as the old guy is rather blind and he won’t care – I will make rail fence blocks instead.
Here is my design (drawn in autoCAD)

We watched a favorite of mine this afternoon, Arthur & the invisibles, and I cut fabric instead of housework!

Somehow I went to Len’s Mills and only bought crap for Chris (more double pointed needles) somehow completely having control when I went to the fabric part of the store. The problem is there is a ton of stuff I want to do bit not much of it clearly defined haha!
Chris finished knitting me a hat:

I’m wearing it to bed 🙂

I get grumpy after 8. It is true. Tonight was no different. I am still grumpy as f***. My wrists hurt – nothing I can do about that. I’m trying to get used to the new schedule and work and people – I know that is affecting me- sucks all the life out leaving a dried bitch husk to go be with family. I’m gaining weight – sick of sitting on my ass – too bad that’s your job!
I said fudge it! Fudge dishes because I am going to sew the binding in the last 4 mug rugs. HA- hahaha- jokes in me. An hour of fighting with the machine and I got 1 done and it is terrible! It sucks real bad. In fact I hate it. I need a real people binding tutorial cause clearly in screwing it up- and what was supposed to be relaxing turned out as stressful and anxiety causing as everything else.
I just want to go back 4 hours and fell asleep with Helix…

I feel weird getting paid to do the stuff I’ve basically been paying for (as a student). I half the time don’t have a clue what I am doing (learning on the job) and I am making so much more than ever before! Cool \o/ but it’s not really that much aha – but it’s definitely a start 😉
I got over my grumpy 8pm phase and managed an episode of parks and recreation while cutting out the backs and batting for mug rugs.

I received this text from my mom while cutting…


I was playing with some fabric last night and made a couple squares this morning. Not sure whether to put them aside for now or turn them into pot holders…






A day late, a buck short but done dee done done 🙂
Chris kept saying finish them tomorrow – but it’s my goal to finish them today – and so I did!

The top of Hayden’s stocking is unfortunately upside down – but I don’t think anyone cares so meh it’s all good!


I feel like I am ready to start quilting the quilt now. I am confident enough now and it’s not half as intimidating as it was before. Chris is playing video games and he insists on narrating and getting me to look at his people every 5 minutes…lol I don’t care!
He bought me a Keurig today so that’s very nice 🙂 Yesterday I wanted to stab him in the head with a machete. That’s totally an exaggeration btw – I would never harm anyone – I was just so mad! That’s men for you though…can’t live with them – keep them around anyway?!
My house is a massive mess. I’m pretty sure I should do something about that. Maybe tomorrow…