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A day late, a buck short but done dee done done 🙂
Chris kept saying finish them tomorrow – but it’s my goal to finish them today – and so I did!

The top of Hayden’s stocking is unfortunately upside down – but I don’t think anyone cares so meh it’s all good!


I feel like I am ready to start quilting the quilt now. I am confident enough now and it’s not half as intimidating as it was before. Chris is playing video games and he insists on narrating and getting me to look at his people every 5 minutes…lol I don’t care!
He bought me a Keurig today so that’s very nice 🙂 Yesterday I wanted to stab him in the head with a machete. That’s totally an exaggeration btw – I would never harm anyone – I was just so mad! That’s men for you though…can’t live with them – keep them around anyway?!
My house is a massive mess. I’m pretty sure I should do something about that. Maybe tomorrow…

Now that I have everything I need to put my quilt together I’m scared to start!!!! And it’s been impossible to do anything this week cause every 5 minutes something else needs me. Today I was hanging with hubby’s daughter and wow forgot how much pure and insane energy little kids have!!!

I’ve started cutting out fabric for the stockings.
…I think I know roughly where I’m going with this lol 🙂 my little helper had fun disassembling my piles.

Discovered Pumpkin Pi had blood in his urine today- cause I needed a vet bill right now. Cause it’s not like I have any money for anything – it’s not like I spent what little I had at the fabric store…oh God why am I such a boob?!?!


Poor kitty meds will kick in soon!!