I haven’t been on here for a bit.  I haven’t been sewing either.  In fact – my world has blown up and well – just hard work and perseverance will hopefully see me through!

First off, the move did not go well.  It was very mismanaged from the beginning right through until it crashed (I almost wish it burned too).  I didn’t get keys until June 30th at 8:20pm or so – and was told new people were moving into my unit bright and early the next morning.  Wow – thanks landlady who happens to be in freaking Austria during all this!  Next, the apartment…oh God where to start?!  Filthy!  Unsafe!  Unlivable!


So – Chris (who had found a room and was leaving living with us) offered to see if we could take over the condo as he was the first room rented out, and the person renting it had expressed interest in renting the whole unit as opposed to room by room.  I could go on about that and everything that happened next…suffice to say SCAM.  He took the first and last, and buggered off…


Had to throw stuff into filthy apartment and I moved kids in with my mom.  I broke up with Chris.  He took it well.  I kept scrubbing for 3 days until I admitted apartment is not fixable.  This dead mouse rotting away in the kitchen vent also had something to do with that…(top left) btw all the vents in the entire house are like that and far worse…


I am also now moved in with my mom.  Gave notice that the dirty apartment would be empty at the end of the month too.  I hate leaving my cats there!!!!!!!

So currently am not sewing.  Am working, commuting, making sure my kids are ok.  Purging as much stuff as I can and apartment hunting.  I am booked solid every weekend for the next month.  No idea how I am going to make this work.  Did I mention my mom has a small 2 bedroom wartime house that I and my 3 kids and dog have moved into?  Oh and that she is in the process of putting it on the market for sale?  and that she has 2 cats and in a couple of weeks my 2 cats will have no where to go?