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I want to words, but I am tired.

I have been having some difficulty with my machine.  It needs to be serviced. It makes me annoyed that it needs my love and attention 😂 little machine- blow out you own lint!! 

Time to begin assembling it into a whole.  I cant wait until this one is done. The quilt I am using is more of a throw.  Its not big enough by far!

I want to make a quilt thats floorplans. The eyes are done. Closin. Goodnight

Well here we are as another summer enters its hag phase 😜 I find it a real struggle to stay on top of everything- kids, housework, errands – not enough time to really create! (Up until 2:30 last night haha sitting at the sewing machine). 

I though I had the top of this quilt figured out a week ago and whenIi layed it out I didnt like the white fabric with the blue scroll.  So just have to cut out 3 replacement squares and lay it out again.  I needed one more border block too (made last night) but no idea if its bastardized self will look alright lol

I really do not want to go do the shopping today.  Also I am running out of time so yes I do lol.  

Oh I made this weird scrappy bookmark too

I dont know if i actually like it… a couple of the design flaws are almost beyond loving 😂 but it works and I learned ndot everything works the way you want it too.  In this case late night drunk stitching in front of the tv may have caused some… minor issues 😂😁😅.  

Ok.  Supplies and clothes and dinner and gosh darn it sice Gary is coming over we need to clean.  We need all of the cleaning.  Dang nab it 😣