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My sister in law had her baby today!!!!! So it’s time to shift into gear and get the top of baby’s quilt together!



I’m far too tired to say much – it’s still really cold outside :


And u made a big pile of stuff squaring up all those squares lol


So glad it’s Friday! Unfortunately only managed a couple minutes with the machine but sleep beckons so –




I’m getting better! I know this skill will take some time to acquire.

It was cold again today – not stupid cold but cold nonetheless. Tomorrow it’s supposed to go above 0 – it’s also supposed to freezing rain aha aha aha.

Today was very frustrating at work – why? Because I like being told hey Lexi do this – like this – ta da! Not hey Alex make the pretty pictures – learn to use that software with no resources other than the Internet. Thank God for the Internet.

I prepped hexies – amid animals.

Pumpkin Pi set up shop on the scraps too big/too small for use

Area Stark climbed into the plastic zipper thing I keep the scraps in so I had to pull it all out as she plonked down an now it’s late and I need to clean up but she is in the thing I clean up into :/

And don’t forget about General Khan – 🙂 cause he rocks!!

Awwww babies!! I guess after an especially stressful day they are here for me (& not cause I need to clean up so sleep can happen)


Chris wants to buy me the fabric cutter machine – does strips hexies and whatever you have the right “die” for – can’t decide whether it’s a great or terrible idea…


It really doesn’t take much to cut the hexies now that Chris made me all these little plastic templates (I think there are enough)- but cutting strips well now – anything to make that go faster and straighter 😉

Thought after sitting in a horrid desk all day I would work on potholders – but I didn’t lol


Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to visit my grandfather. He was very happy to see us! I brought the quilt I made for him – and it turns out it’s ready on his 90th birthday!! Hazel had asked if she could be the one to give it to him, sure absolutely! She secretly slipped in a little raccoon stuffy! Dido loved the quilt – but the little animal touched him. He was playing with it- holding it’s tail up making it go “ooot oooot” or some other silly sound 🙂



Everyone was laughing like crazy!
It was a wonderful visit!

I also worked on the hexies yesterday – that's fun too – but I think I need Chris to make me more templates haha. I can't make up my mind how I want to go about assembling them. I'm leaning toward colour themed flowers with a critter or thing in the centre and a unifying path to join then…

I finished that flower today – why didn’t I photo it?

Mom picked up the FMQ foot I’ve been waiting for – wow it’s way harder than I thought it would be!! I feel intimidated!!


I feel way grumpy tonight – not sure why. I think it had something to do with how much housework didn’t happen – how much crafting didn’t happen – and how frustrating life is in general.

Oh and this was today:

Yeah yay spring lol a balmy -10 with the windchill!!

I’ve been avoiding coming on here and writing- I’m not quite sure why- but maybe the insanity of my life makes things difficult.

This is the finished practiced hot pad that caused me to freak out on Sunday. I tried real hard to get the binding right- really I did! I used scraps to make a practice binding – I used those to help get the right dimension. I sewed the first side down and turns out there was somehow not enough width on the binding so I had to rip it out and make new binding- I did math – I was careful – I used a practice scrap – the freakin thing came out too big again! So I just did a double roll and tuck – which was fine until the 3rd corner – at which point the thickness would not!! go through the machine under the walking foot. Therefore I could not roll the extra under – and actually tore the corner a bit trying to get it out from wedged tightly in the walking foot. Grrr *this is the point the kids started fighting and I got stupid cranky!


Also I kinda screwed up the handle – I think I want to have it fold back into itself because it looks dumb.


[frick and every single time I try to blog I get talke to!! Gah!! Writing is a thing you do quietly!! quietly!

Mr talk talk talky with my scarf and a silly smile.

My pin cushion that my aunt cross stitched for me 🙂


I went shopping last weekend an didn’t find what I wanted (free motion foot) but I did find thread!

And fabric but I did not photograph it (*yet)
Last night I made my first couple hexies:
(Autocorrect insists hexies are heroes)

I know I said the teapot hotpad was practice but so is this next one with the home dec fabrics – I cut out ft my friends hotpads than noticed some weird white smears on them (after I washed it so no good for her but good for me! 😉 )
So I did this nonsense – I feel like next time I draw the pattern first!



And these things are super yummy


I find Saturdays are gone before you can say “bobs your uncle”. It’s really annoying – and even though I wanted to finish the practise hot pads I am working on – that apparently wasn’t an option!! You see I really want to finish (& start haha) the hot pads for my friend this weekend- and as I was out eating sushi and buying fabric all day there was limited time before the kids came home to achieve the completion of the practise hot pad – mastering the binding with a loop for hanging. Here’s where it all went wrong – had a crazy headache and did the math wrong for binding – so prepped the binding an sewed the first row down and realized it didn’t bend over ahhhh of course. So had to pick out those stitches and figure out where my other inch went…
Here’s the front and back:



Last Thursday I went to the local quilt guild meeting – it was pretty cool! I will try to get out to a few more!!


The lady doing her showcase was so inspiring and also very intimidating! I don’t know if I will ever achieve that level of artistic – well certainly my style will not be like hers – but WOW holy gorgeous!!

Tried to find a free motion foot for my machine – the lady at the store told me to buy it online – the thing I don’t want to do! Well I guess there is no choice…

Anyways I’m pretty sure today’s crazy headache had a lot to do with me not being caffeinated – hope that’s it and I’m not super dehydrated or coming down with something!!

I bought so much random fabric today 🙂 enough to feel like I need to start 72 projects. Then I failed at binding so UFC and did you know it’s steak and bj day? Well then… I preferred pie day aha – so let’s leave it at that!! 😜

I finished putting the binding on and in the homestretch spotted a horrible couple if things!

So there is one whole line of scribbly effed up quilting that my tension was obviously out on lunch for (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) and than a row over:

The threads broke! How!? Why?!

Here I was done! I was happy! It was close enough to perfect for me (even with it’s 1 bum corner) – I was gonna wash it – it’s for my grandfather who has recently been moved to a transitional nursing home – and he is old and grumpy and cold…so I made him this quilt. I know he is blind and will never see the flaws but it’s a gift god damn it and it shouldn’t have major flaws like the threads brokt! I could cry. I am honestly at a loss.

This week has been long and hard and I’ve felt like crap all day (my heads getting sharp shooting pains through it *wtf is that about huh!?) and I was looking forward to the weekend and it’s half gone – and the world is stealing an hour and sigh- I don’t know what to do 😔

Finding time is the one thing I need to get better at! I’m seriously considering canceling sleeping plans aha. Not bloody likely! Well I survived today – survived the snow & the freezing rain on the commute home. I got the kids on time – made it to the YMCA –
And almost killed myself on the exercise bike. I’m not joking I felt like puking after an hour straight. I feel like the pre workout veggie pastry was
a terrible idea! I started hand sewing the binding to the back of the quilt. It’s actually very relaxing. The only problem is I dont yet know how to hide my sewing starts & stops…